About us

Picante Collective is an employee-owned marketing agency run by five friends who just care about making cool shit together (honestly). Everything you see here, from the website to the work we do, is made by us. We love working together and like to think that that translates to the work we put out there – you can feel the spice in everything we touch. 

We operate much like a collective of freelancers with the power of an LLC. Why? This set-up gives us the ultimate flexibility in how we work – both for ourselves and for our clients.

Where you fit in

We’re in the business of boosting your revenue, but we’re also in the business of treating clients as partners.

Pick your spice.

Through a discovery call, we craft a custom proposal to address your business’s pain points.

Get cookin'.

The Collective builds out strategy, drafts new creative, and marinates on it–then we get to work. 

Bon appétit.

The results start rolling in and your business thrives–and we start planning for the future.

The team

Hank Ford

Chief Fiesta Officer
Brand Design
Hank received a degree from the UK’s best mechanical engineering school and boasts a strong background in film-making. But his skill set grows far beyond branding into 3D design, graphic design, music video production, documentary production, studio consultancy, studio design, and vintage vehicle restoration.

James Griego

Chief Handsome Officer
Video Editing & Production
James Griego is a Video Editor currently residing in Encinitas, California who loves telling stories through the visual medium. He obtains satisfaction working with clients and creating content that drives emotions, engagement, and ultimately reflects what the client represents. You can usually find him in a gym, in a movie theater, or lifting weights in a movie theater.

Maeve Ginsberg

Chief Raconteur Officer
Copywriting, SEO, Brand Strategy
Maeve is a copywriter and marketing strategist who is a New Yorker at heart but can currently be found in any number of places around the world. Maeve’s work lies at the cross-section of creative and strategy, using both to birth eye-catching yet effective copy. When she’s not writing, you can find her doing any of her dozen sports of choice or trying out a new recipe.

Samantha Ford

Chief Organization Officer
Digital Marketing Manager
Samantha Ford is a Digital Marketing Manager originating in San Diego*. Her primary goal is helping her clients fill in the gaps in their internal marketing teams, and streamlining digital processes. When she’s not typing frantically, she can be found in a number of places across the globe.

*current location unknown

Tony Wisneske

Chief Rhythm Officer
Animation & Storyboard
Tony Wisneske is a San Diego native who’s passionate about telling stories through animation. His work focuses on character driven 2D animation that cuts through the saturated visual marketplace and brings emotion to the forefront. When he’s not animating or drawing comics he’s usually biking somewhere or planning his next camping adventure.

The spice cabinet

The latest news in the world of marketing and design.

How to Build an Online Course

Whether you’re in the beginning stages of creating your course or have an existing course you’re looking to take to the next level, this guide will help you claim your stake in the course space.
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Google Search’s Latest Update & How to Make it Work for Your Website’s SEO

Over the years, the search engine result page, or SERP, has evolved. Auto-suggest debuted in 2008. “Search by Image” showed up in 2011. The knowledge panel first appeared in 2012. The SERP becomes more and more visual, nuanced, and, well, helpful.
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What The Great Facebook Outage Means for Small Businesses

The Facebook outage had a profound impact on these companies that run products exclusively on social media, who rely on Facebook-owned messengers to communicate with their customers, and who push sales through social. We don't yet know the full impact this has had on business accounts—particularly lost revenue.
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Who Can Offer an Online Course?

Are you interested in building an online course for your business but not sure if your niche is the right fit? You’re in the right place. Let’s explore what kinds of businesses can create successful online courses.
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