Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Video Production

Steady State Roasting

We worked with the client to increase their digital presence and brand affinity through marketing and video production. This lead to an increase in social media engagement by over 80% in 10 months.

Brewing tutorials were a great way to grow their audience on YouTube

Client's problem: 

In 2022, Steady State approached us with no current marketing efforts. They had attempted some things in house themselves, hired other agencies in the past, and weren't seeing the results they were looking for.

Our proposed solutions:

  • Create consistent quality content to distribute on social media
  • Utilize YouTube for longer, educational content to establish their presence as a leader in the industry
  • Create brand affinity by awarding consistent engagers through email marketing

Check out their website and Youtube channel for more.


Over the course of 10 months we improved the outlook for the client's marketing. We established a strong brand affinity in Instagram by increasing engagement. And the client now has a portfolio of great, quality content to utilize over and over in a number of different ways. Some stats we're proud of:

  • 1000% growth in subscribers on YouTube
  • Increased engagement by 82% on Instagram
  • 33% growth in website sales attributed to marketing efforts

And some outcomes that can't be measured: we established a strong relationship with the client that fostered open dialogue and fun times to be had by all. Over the past year, we've both grown together in immense ways. We're so excited they continue to let us work with them.

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